Project Import Substitution Study

SoW Analytics & Research

This was an important UAE government-wide project for which we developed a six step approach to complete the long term study: Identified the major imports and a list of the 200 most imported products based on a sophisticated investment criteria; clustered the 200 products in groups of industries in order to help filter them and apply an industry-level PEST analysis; conducted the PEST analysis investigating the political, economic, social and technological issues of each industry and scored each industry; de-clustered the ranked list of desirable industries back into products in order to implement a product-level SWOT analysis; implemented the SWOT analysis for each of the resulted products.  By investigating the strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of producing each product locally, their local manufacturability and marketability was better determined and lastly we profiled the short-listed 100 products for use in future detailed feasibility studies.

SDV scope of work was completed in 2007.

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