Specialization. Turnkey. Credibility

We specialize in the industry. We bring international knowledge, breadth of experience, and an extensive network of professionals. SDV holistic multi-disciplinary engineering integrates the commercial, technological, environmental, social, and regulatory aspects of your project.

We provide “concept to operation” turnkey services. SDV assists you from start to finish, from concept right through to your warranty inspections and beyond, ensuring that each phase of your project is handled by our in-house professionals and that you are dealing with a single party throughout your project.

We maintain unshaken credibility. We hold ourselves accountable to high standards of professional and business conduct. We make decisions with fairness and honesty. We deliver what’s promised.

Clients trust us with their repeat business knowing they are in good hands from feasibility studies, to land development, to engineering and construction, through to commissioning and startup. No matter what industry, or project phase you are in, utilize SDV specialization, credibility and extensive turnkey experience to help you deliver your project successfully.